“The fresh delicate aroma of yellow fruit in your glass. Banana and apricot, the scent of chamomile and spring flowers.
A fresh mouthfeel, with a gentle acidity, and a complex and creamy aftertaste.”

A description of Savatiano

by Angeliki Papagiannakou

A Captivating Vineyard

The Papagiannakos Winery is located in Mesogaia, in the heart of the Attiki Vineyard which covers an expanse of 6,500 Ha. The heritage variety of the vineyard is Savatiano, wrought from 70 year old vines. The deep roots of the vines penetrate to 20 metres in search of water and the nutrients found in the soil. The yield is small and of the highest quality, rendering 4,000 kgs of the finest, concentrated essence of Savatiano per hectare.

The vines are pruned in the traditional method adopted by previous generations, training the stumps in the shape of a low open-cup bush-vine – this preserves the robustness of the vine and protects the grapes in the hot month of August when the strong wind blows, just before the harvest.

Indigenous Greek varieties such as Assyrtiko, Malagouzia and Agiorgitiko are also cultivated with exceptional results, alongside the cosmopolitan varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.Traditionally the terroir of Mesogaia has appellation status for the production of retsina, and to honour this tradition, The Winery produces an exceptionally fine retsina, which is collected by hand and given a unique vinification to enhance its character.