Amidst vines, fruit-bearing trees and aromatic herbs of the land of Greece, lies the idyllic region of Kalogeri, Markopoulos, where the Papagiannako Winery is to be found. The vision from the very first architectural sketches was to create the ultimate winery in terms of functionality: a space where the vinification process, the bottling and the resting of the wine are in complete harmony with the experience to the visitor.

The vital procedures of fermentation and bottling, carried out with innovative equipment, are carried out in the basement of the winery, where a constant temperature is maintained throughout the year. The cellar where the wine matures in the barrel, is cool and dark and visible to the visitor from the wine-tasting hall.

The aesthetic values of the winery, with a view across the Attiki Vineyard, were from the onset, of prime importance, enhancing thereby the experience for the visitor to the maximum. The Gift Shop of the Winery offers a full selection of our portfolio of wines, including also a selection of older vintages, available only from our cellar. The ample space both within and all around the winery is the most perfect setting for hosting superb events of either corporate or private nature.