Wine tours



We welcome you to our Winery, in the magical area known as Pousi Kalogeri in Markopoulo, where amidst vineyards, nut-bearing trees and aromatic herbs we built our winery.


It will give us the greatest pleasure to help you organize your event, and create together a full wine-pairing Menu. Depending on the weather, you will be able to dine under the stars or in the elegant atmosphere of the Winery

The Options for a day in the vineyard

Winery tours and tasting
With our installation in 2007 in the state-of-the-art bioclimatic winery in the area of ​​Markopoulo Mesogaia, the beginning of guided tours was marked, both in the vineyards and in the places where production process takes place.
Visitors* (by appointment) are introduced to the secrets of winemaking, learn about the unique terroir and the history of the Papagiannakos family, while finally enjoying a complete wine tasting

The Vineyard Walk
A relaxing way to truly become acquainted.
With each variety and to be told some of the special details of the daily care of the vines.

Masterclass Savatiano
The best way to understand the dynamics of a variety is to taste its various manifestations. This is precisely what takes place at the Savatiano Masterclass, where the various expressions – as well as vinifications- of this charismatic variety, and also a landmark of the Papagiannakos winery, Savatiano, are tasted. Older vintages, unique vineyards, classic vinifications but also natural wines, are part of this special tasting that the visitor is about to enjoy.

It is our pleasure to prepare the most elegant dinner or lunch to accompany your wine tasting experience either under the Stars in the heart of the Attiki vineyard, or In the beautiful reception hall of our bioclimatic winery.

Cheese + Wine Pairing
A time honoured experience and luxury.
Enjoy a friendly discussion as the vintner guides you through the various varieties and their ideal pairings.
The stories of the production process and how It has changed over the centuries will be the perfect induction to this fascinating world.

Vinyasa Yoga/Pilates + Wine
The ultimate recipe for relaxation.
High in metaphysical values and leaving the finest aftertaste as you savour with us a personal and private wine-tasting experience.

Tour of the Winery by Bicycle
The most wonderful way to explore the beauty
of the estate and the surrounding vineyards.
To feel at one with nature and to stop on
the way for a well-earned glass of wine!


We look forward to giving you a guided tour of the winery, commencing with a visit to the area that receives the grapes, where the vinification process is begun. We shall then proceed to the cellar where the red wines from our portfolio are ageing and initiate you to the taste and aftertastes of our wines. You will have the chance to try some of the wines, together with a fine choice of delicatessen eats. We shall discuss the colour, the aroma, and the mouthfeel of each wine, and discuss the perfect food pairing choices. As you leave, you will naturally have the chance to purchase any wines you long to take with you


A walk or a cycle ride in the Attiki Vineyards attains almost meditative status!
There is a sense of peace in the air and a warm connection with the beautiful land is formed. Of course the vineyard changes dramatically from one season to another – the autumn in the midst of the harvest is one of the busiest times, among the vines that are patiently waiting, loaded with grapes for the new harvest. In winter, the pruning season commences, and the vines are wrapped up lovingly for the forthcoming spring, when they will flower once again. During the long summer months, the vines are at the apex of their development, maturing the fruit to its full aromatic potential.