The Terroir



“The land of Attiki draws out a discreet, refined character, rendering a unique identity to the wines, whatever the variety.
The denomination of the Terroir of Attiki has indeed been rightfully earned”

Vassilis Papagiannakos

In the heart of the ancient vineyard of Attiki, time honoured methods of vinification, according to Theofrastos, have been adopted since the year 400 BC, and are used until today, passed down from generation to generation. The terroir of our Winery is that which gives the inimitable identity to our wines : a terroir that consists of the properties of the climate, the days of sunshine, the quality of the soil, the altitude and the amount of rainfall.

The Attiki Terroir

The heritage variety of the Attiki Terroir is Savatiano, resistant to heat-waves and droughts, with exceptional vinification and ageing potential. This terroir breathes life into the vines, with mild winters and cool summers. The Mediterranean climate in this area has an average temperature of 18oC, with light to moderate winds, the meltemi wind which lowers the hot summer temperatures and the night mist from the sea. The most perfect conditions for vine cultivation. The soil of Attiki is of mixed texture, mostly of limestone, sandy clay and diluvial sediment. The rich (high) content of limestone creates ideal conditions for the cultivation of the vine, raising therefore the quality of the wine. Varieties such as Malagouzia and Assyrtiko fair especially
favourably in this soil, resulting in exceptional expressionsof these varieties, with unique aromas. Our vines have an average age of 70 years, with a low yield and exceptionally high-quality grapes.