The Papagiannakos Winery is the first bioclimatic winery in Greece. The Winery was created as an entity, according to the criteria of sustainability. The bioclimatic principles of architecture ensure the saving of energy for heating, cooling and lighting needs in the winery. Principles that are based on the orientation of the building, the mechanical function and the building materials, whereby the energy footprint is notably reduced and there is a saving of 30% in energy consumption.

The vinification procedures follow the same principles. The harvest is always reaped by hand. The Savatiano vines, many of which are 70 years old are non-irrigated, despite scarce rainfall. Mechanical requirements are all electrical, and we use the power of gravity as the main means of transportation of the grapes to the vats, and thereafter to the bottling units. We use only light-weight bottles in order to minimize our footprint in their transport.
We are committed to constantly seeking new methods that are holistic and sustainable, in order to minimize the incursion on the environment, but also to support the local economy