"With immense respect to the environment and to our ancestors, we produce limited quanities of quality wine that reveal the potential of our terroir and the beauty of our wine region."

Vassilis Papagiannakos

Wine Producer


No compromise

Quality is our guide and the basis of our every decision concerning the care of the vines and the selection of the grapes, through to the very last stages of production. It is essential that our wines reflect the true characteristics of each variety and express the qualities of our Terroir. Each harvest contains a multitude of secrets – with the seasons as a guide, we carefully watch and listen to the grapes, with the least possible intervention. Our production methods are seeped in tradition, maintaining a low yield that preserves the quality of the wine.

Savatiano. Unique the world over

From the very beginning, the Papagiannakos winery has given emphasis to the cultivation of the indigenous Savatiano, and other white varieties. Our Savatiano, wrought from carefully chosen grapes, is a variety which has taught us of Its vast expressiveness, and ageing qualities: Single Vineyard or naturally produced without sulfites, or more mature and age in French oak barrels.
This is the variety, that at the hand of Vassilis Papagiannakos, is applauded by ever more followers, and has become the undisputed ambassador of the Attiki Vineyard, world-wide.